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Oasis Therapeutics

Innovative Therapies for Treatment-Resistant Pain and Mood Disorders in Nashua, NH

About Oasis Therapeutics

Oasis Therapeutics offers innovative therapies for treatment resistant pain and mood disorders. The interdisciplinary team consists of Dr. Praveen Suchdev, Dr. James Mirazita, and Dr. Santharam Yadati along with a group of highly specialized Nurse Practitioners and support staff. Drs. Suchdev and Mirazita have combined their expertise in anesthesiology and pain medicine with Dr. Yadati’s expertise in psychiatry to bring innovative treatment options to patients suffering from chronic pain and mood disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD) in Southern New Hampshire.

The team at Oasis Therapeutics is dedicated to providing safe, supportive and compassionate care. Oasis Therapeutics uses an array of revolutionary treatment modalities, including interventional procedures, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and ketamine infusions to help patients with challenging or complex pain or mood disorders that have not responded to traditional treatments. 

Patients at Oasis Therapeutics appreciate the personalized approach to treatment they receive at Oasis Therapeutics. Oasis Therapeutics specialists comanage care, working in conjunction with primary care providers, mental health providers, and therapists to ensure each patient receives the best in comprehensive, personalized attention. 

The Oasis Therapeutics team is currently welcoming new patients!

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