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The team at Oasis Therapeutics is dedicated to providing safe, supportive and compassionate care. Oasis Therapeutics uses an array of revolutionary treatment modalities, including interventional procedures such as stellate ganglion blocks (SGB), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and ketamine infusions to help patients with challenging or complex pain or mood disorders that have not responded to traditional treatments.

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Neuropathic pain

About Oasis Therapeutics

At Oasis therapeutics, we design cutting edge, advanced therapies for those suffering from treatment resistant mood and pain disorders. 

Our expert team of board certified physicians lead by PK Suchdev, MD, James Mirazita, MD, and Santharam Yadati, MD, along with specialty trained nurse practitioners, combine their skills in anesthesiology, pain management and psychiatry to offer a unique and multi-disciplinary, interventional approach tailored to those who have not found relief with traditional treatments. 

We pride ourselves on our compassionate, personalized approach that integrates seamlessly with your ongoing therapies and your Providers.


What our patients have to say

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Transformative TMS Therapy Experience with Dr. Yadati's Team

I have been taking TMS therapy for almost 2 weeks and feel a change in my racing thoughts. Dr Yadati, Alyssa and Maddie are Exceptional at what they do. I would Highly recommend this for all that suffer with Depression. It’s worth it!

Transformative Calm: My Journey Through Stellate Ganglion Block

I write to describe my experience with Stellate Ganglion Block Therapy as administered by Oasis
For the past 46 years or so – since the age of 14 – I suffered from a range of psychological disorders that were rooted in early-age abandonment; adolescent sexual, mental, and physicalabuse; and military service-related PTSD. The combination of these disorders made me hyper-vigilant, non-trusting of others (even those closest to me) and very fast to anger. My anger,which could be triggered by the most-minor of events, once initiated could grow into an incandescent rage that often lasted for days. The consensus diagnosis was that I suffered from a combination of PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I do not recall ever having a calm, quiet period in my life. Various SSRI regimens proved ineffective and, whereas ketamine infusions would ameliorate
the PTSD symptoms of my disorders for a short time the BPD would remain and full relapses
would occur in a matter of days.
The staff at Oasis Therapeutics suggested Stellate Ganglion Block Therapy to treat my disorders.
I took the treatment, which was administered in an outpatient facility and took a total of three
hours including the intake and discharge-recovery period. There were no unpleasant treatment
aftereffects. Immediately following the procedure, for the first time I can remember, I felt an all-
encompassing calm.
Knowledge of my life’s tribulations remains but does not cause the hitherto anxiety, hyper-
vigilance, or distrust. I am now able to make decisions and take actions based upon the actuality of events as they unfold, not upon a corrupt view of events as distorted by the lens of
my past. I write this review 80 days or so from the date of stellate ganglion block and the feeling of calm enabled by the therapy remains unabated.

Convenient and Professional Care at New Concord Location

As usual, the staff at Oasis were friendly accommodating and professional. The new location in Concord reduces my commute from 40 miles to 8. This is especially helpful when scheduling a driver.

Exceptional Care Experience with Dr. Mirza's Team

I had an excellent experience under Dr. Mirza and his care team. I found them all to love what they do, which manifests positively in their personalities and attitude towards patients.

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